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Charismatic Prayer Group

Our Charismatic Prayer Group is part of the Renewal Movement within the Catholic Church. The mission of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal is to encourage the awareness of, and experience the role of the Holy Spirit in the daily life of all Catholics.

At St. Augustine’s, our Prayer Group is called ‘St. Augustine’s House of Prayer’. It is a weekly gathering of fellow parishioners who gather to give praise and honour to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. St. Augustine’s House of Prayer welcomes everyone, old or young, to come and pray with us. We meet at the Parish Centre on Monday evenings at 7 pm in Room 108, for one and a half hour to two hours.

The Prayer Meeting is a time of praise to, and worship of our God. We do this through song, prayer, prophecy, scripture reading, talking and sharing. We also pray intercessory prayer for people. There is a “prayer request box” on the table in the east vestibule of the church in which you can put your prayer request(s), or you may come to the Prayer Meeting and be prayed for there.

We are guided by Scripture, the teaching of the Church, and the Holy Spirit.

Come to St. Augustine’s Monday night , and experience the power and the workings of the Holy Spirit in your life.


thought of the month

“Lent is a time of renewal for the whole Church, for each community and every believer. Above all it is a time of grace.”

— Pope Francis