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liturgical ministries

Our liturgical celebrations at St Augustine’s needs your gifts. Please consider contributing to our worship in one of the following ways.

music ministry

Saturday 4:00 pm Music Ministry

If you love to sing or play piano you are invited to join our choir, we would love to have you. Practice time is 1 hour before Mass. Please contact the Parish office.

Sunday 9:00 AM Music Ministry

The 9:00 AM Choir’s mission is to enhance the worship experience. Anyone with a love of singing, ability to play piano, organ or guitar are encouraged to join.

For more information on the Sunday 9:00 AM Music ministry please contact the Parish office.

Sunday 11:00 AM Music Ministry

Among the many signs and symbols used by the Church to celebrate its faith, music is of great importance. Music helps in leading the congregation in song; singing is like praying twice! Anyone who likes to sing is most welcome to join in this ministry. Practices are held every Thursday evening at 6:30 PM in the choir loft of the church.

For more information on the Sunday 11:00 AM Music ministry please contact the Parish office.

Sunday 7:00 PM Music Ministry

Anyone with love for singing, or playing the piano, guitar or organ is encouraged to join. Please contact the Parish office.

sound operator

In this ministry, individuals are responsible for operating the sound system during Masses, weddings, concerts, etc. If you have the “ear for music” we could use you!

For more information on the Sound Operator ministry please contact Jason Cross.


Greeters are the “official” welcome team of the parish community. They provide a warm and inviting welcome as people arrive at church for Mass. Ministers of greeting will be asked to serve once a month at the Mass of their choice.
For more information on the Greeters ministry please contact Rosemarie Bidinosti.

Eucharistic Ministers

Extraordinary ministers assist the priest in distribution of Holy Communion. They may also be commissioned and trained for “Pastoral Care of the Sick”, taking Communion to the ill or homebound in order that they may receive communion on a regular basis. As a Eucharistic minister, it is a special privilege to offer the Body and Blood of our Lord to fellow parishioners.

For more information on the Eucharistic Ministers ministry please contact the Parish office.

altar servers

Altar servers lead processions and assist the priest in the celebration of the Eucharist. Catholic children aged 8-18 are invited to share their gift of time in this ministry. Their sense of responsibility and dedication in assisting the priest is greatly appreciated by the parish. Training is provided.

If you want to sign up your child as an altar server, please visit our Altar Server Sign up Form.

For more information on the Altar Servers ministry please contact Michael Markmann.


Sacristans are individuals charged with the responsibility of ensuring good repair and cleanliness of the Sacred Vessels, candles and linens used in the Celebration of the Mass.
For more information on the Sacristans ministry please contact Eileen Suski.

Liturgy Coordinators

The role of the Liturgy Coordinator is to help plan and co-ordinate all ministries related to the celebration of the Eucharist. Anyone possessing an understanding of all the elements of the Mass, as well as strong organizational skills, is invited to assist and participate in this ministry.

For more information on the Liturgy Coordinators ministry please contact Yvonne Skura or the Parish office.

Environment Committee

This ministry focuses on enhancing the beauty of God’s house and, several months of the year, on maintaining the gardens. If anyone has a genuine interest in contributing to the beauty of the Church and grounds, this is a ministry to become involved with. Any amount of time you can offer will be most appreciated.

For more information on the Environment Committee ministry please contact the Parish office.

Intercessory Prayers

The weekly Intercessory Prayers are prepared by our parish secretary. Any special prayer requests that need to be added are approved by our pastor.

For more information on the Intercessory Prayers ministry please contact the Parish office.

Children’s Liturgy

This ministry introduces children, at an early age, to prayer and Catholic beliefs. Children’s liturgy takes place every Sunday at the 11:00 a.m. Mass. The children gather in the Parish Centre during the homily to reflect on the readings, at their level. It would be ideal to offer children’s liturgy at all Sunday Masses. Parents with young children are encouraged to experience this ministry, with their children.


Working in conjunction with the Environment Committee, this ministry is dedicated to keeping fresh flowers and/or plants in the Church. Especially throughout the gardening season, many parishioners contribute cut flowers from their yards to be arranged and placed on the altars. Why not include some mixed annuals in your planting scheme each spring? The entire congregation will enjoy seeing the fruits of your labours decorating the Church!

For more information on the Floral ministry please contact the Parish office.


The Liturgy of the Word is an integral part of our Mass. Lectors have an opportunity to share God’s Word with the assembled faithful. A lector is a person of good faith, who is eager to enhance the liturgy by inspired proclamation of the readings. A talent for reading aloud, with a clear voice, is desirable. Training sessions and educational workshops are offered on an annual basis.

For more information on the Lectors ministry please contact Carol MacKenzie.