Have you ever wondered about what Catholics believe and how they worship? If you are interested in learning more you might like to participate in the RCIA, a programme designed for adults who wish to learn more about the Catholic Church and Jesus’ love.

Download form, complete it, and drop the completed form at St. Augustine’s of Canterbury office.


Linda Chegwin

Beverley Hicks


Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist for Adults

Today, Jesus is inviting you to Join HIM in entering the lives of people he wants to reach. Is there anyone he might be pointing out to you?

Be available to that person.

Be ready with an encouraging word.

Be ready to walk alongside them and be a part of their lives.

Do this and you will be showing Christ o another one of HIS children.

Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming Catholic (RCIA)

 Yes! We invite you to speak with one of our RCIA team who will gladly answer questions and discuss what is best for you in your desire to learn more about the Catholic faith. You may be invited to join an enquiry session.  During this stage you will be able to discern whether becoming Catholic is something you are called to do or not. This is no pressure to join, and no commitment required at this stage. It is very informal and relaxed.

A person seeking to become Catholic will go through the RCIA process and receive the Sacraments of      Initiation, which for an unbaptized person includes Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion. If the person has already been baptized, he or she will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Holy Communion. 

This is difficult to answer because the process is different for everyone. An individual with an extensive  Christian background may only need a few months in the process, while someone with no Christian          formation may need more. However, on average, it’s reasonable to expect to spend about 8-10 months in the process.  

Absolutely! Our team of volunteers have many years of lived faith and over a decade in the ministry of child and adult faith formation with individuals with all levels of knowledge and experience. We journey with each participant individually, from those who have an extensive background in other Christian denominations to those who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ. All are welcome in RCIA! 

YES, RCIA will be a great resource for you. Some of our team members were baptized in other Christian denominations and became Catholic through RCIA. You will be welcomed into this journey of information and transformation.