In selecting the music for your wedding, please remember that the ceremony is religious in nature; please choose music that accords.
Songs from the movies, T.V. shows, or stage productions are discordant; insofar as such songs draw attention to themselves, they distract the congregation from the often subtle solemnity of sacred proceedings. Favorite songs meaningful to the bride and groom would be better suited to the wedding reception.

Decoration of the Church

The couple may decorate the church if they please, so long as they refrain from using adhesives that may damage the church furniture, and so long as they understand that decorations must be removed promptly after the wedding celebration.


Pictures taken by guests are permitted, however the photos must be taken from their pew, thus avoiding any distraction to the service. No photos are allowed during the scripture readings or during the homily. Any equipment that requires the use of flood lighting such as movie cameras are prohibited in our church. Professional photographers are permitted; however must check beforehand with the priest as to where and when pictures may be taken. Photographers and guests are not permitted in the sanctuary area (the front of the church on any of the risers or steps).


Your wedding celebrates the sacred bond with which you join yourself to your intended spouse; let the clothes you wear (and that your wedding party wears) reflect the solemnity and holiness of your intent.


No confetti, rice, birdseed etc. is allowed either inside or outside the church. Not following this expectation will result in a fee for clean-up being levied on the couple. A suggestion…bubbles are an acceptable alternative.

Visiting Clergy

Visiting priests and deacons are welcome to celebrate a couple’s marriage. However, they must be a priest/deacon in good standing with the Church and the Archdiocese of Winnipeg. Visiting clergy must agree to follow the wedding protocols established by St. Augustine’s Parish community prior to receiving delegation from the pastor.

The Liturgy

For two practicing Catholics, the marriage ceremony usually takes place with the Mass. (A practicing Catholic is someone who is baptized in the Catholic Church and who attends Sunday Mass each weekend unless prevented from doing so by illness or other circumstances beyond her/his control.) Holy Communion takes place during the Mass and is reserved for practicing Catholics.

The Nuptial Liturgy Outside Mass is the other option used for marriage ceremonies, and is the option to be used for non-practicing Catholics and the marriage of a Catholic and a non-Catholic. It is also rich in prayers, scripture readings, a homily and the Rite of Marriage.

For more information please contact the Parish Office.